Homegrown Live May 10th Lineup
Posted 4/15/2013 10:11:00 AM

Hundred Visions

Four-piece Austin indie-rock quartet Hundred Visions is a band you can move your feet to even if you don’t know the songs ahead of time. Hundred Visions have a certain charm to them, whether it is the strong percussion, old-school guitar sounds or the casual vocals. This group has captured the carefree spirit of America’s youth. Their secret weapon is well-crafted songs.

Love Inks

Love Inks is a minimalist-pop band reigning from Austin, Texas. The trio, comprised of Derek Brown, Kevin Dehan and Sherry LeBlanc, played Fun Fun Fun Fest in the fall and recently released a new album in February.  City Slang, a label that has previously worked with bands such as Arcade Fire, released Love Inks’ last critically acclaimed release E.S.P. This purist band wanted to keep their instruments, guitar, bass and drum machine, individualized and natural. If you’re a live music fan and have missed Love Inks so far, this is a must-see band. If you’ve seen them before, you need no convincing.

Sun Marquee

Tropicalia-infused pop singer Sun Marquee has been playing new soulful music all around Austin. Sun Marquee has played at Austin venues such as The Parish and Club DeVille. The Austin native recently released two new songs in February. The songs titled Crush and Summer Fools are light-hearted and slightly seductive.

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