Homegrown Live brings a Dual release from The Preservation and Frank SmithApril 13th.
Posted 3/4/2013 9:46:00 AM

The Preservation (single release)

The Preservation is a blend of harmonies, driving guitars, bouncy pianos and an amalgam of American music that has come to define Austin bands in the past decade. With a repertoire that is clearly influenced by early 60's girl groups and chamber pop as well as the psych and garage rock from that era, the band also focuses on composition and songwriting that creates a modern sound. The band has released two LPs since their formation in 2009. The self-titled "The Preservation" recorded in a home studio in 2010 and "Two Sisters" recorded in 2011 at Public Hi-Fi in Austin, a studio built by Spoon drummer/producer Jim Eno. Tonight they will release their latest EP "Small Frame", which was produced by grammy winning engineer Brad Bell and recorded at the East Austin Studio Good Danny's.

Frank Smith (CD Release)

From Boston to Austin, Frank Smith is a rock-meets-country band that moved to Austin in 2007. The group was formed by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Aaron Sinclair; he called the group LaGuardia. After realizing that another band was named LaGuardia, the band that was sick of choosing unique band names coined themselves Frank Smith. The band’s music has evolved since its first album “Big Strike in Silver City” to its newest release, out tonight, “Nineties.”

East Cameron Folkcore

Founded in 2010 in a Northeast Austin neighborhood, East Cameron Folkcore has several members that started off as individual artists with one goal of making music. The band is often changing its size in this at least 10-member group. The group released their debut LP in 2011 titled “Sound & Fury: Songs in the Key of Love and Death,” awarding them album of the year by the Austin Chronicle’s critic poll. The group’s latest release, titled “FOR SALE”, focuses on the struggles of its band members such as old student loans, the economy and society. The purpose of East Cameron Folkcore is to make music that tells a story to its listeners. It relates to the people that can sometimes be out-casted by the people around them.



Growl is an indie-rock band that has quickly made an imprint in the Austin music scene. The band members include Kent Hale (drums), Sam Houdek ( guitar), Alex Cohen (keys, guitar, vocals), Santiago Dietche (guitar, vocals) and Jonny (bass, guitar, vocals). Growl members play music around Austin in the night but they are students at UT Austin during the day. They released an EP Demonstration and the single "Girlfriend" in 2012, displaying their delightful garage pop full of promise. Their latest offering, "Gallery EP" was released at our Homegrown Live Feburary 2nd.

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