Homegrown Live February 2nd Lineup!
Posted 1/14/2013 4:42:00 PM

Grape St.

Originally a side project, Grape St. was born from former Harlem band member Curtis O’Mara . The other band members include Aaron Sinclair from Frank Smith and Chris Castillo from the Stuffies. Even though the up and coming band was derived from players of other bands, it has created its own garage-pop sound.  Their songs have an upbeat tempo that is perfect for dancing.


Growl is an indie-rock band that has quickly made an imprint in the Austin music scene. The band members include Kent Hale (drums), Sam Houdek ( guitar), Alex Cohen (keys, guitar, vocals), Santiago Dietche (guitar, vocals) and Jonny (bass, guitar, vocals). Growl members play music around Austin in the night but they are students at UT Austin during the day. They released an EP Demonstration and the single "Girlfriend" in 2012, displaying their delightful garage pop full of promise. Tonight they release "Gallery EP" which you can own by adding $3 at the door.

Shivery Shakes

Shivery Shakes released their debut rock-n-roll EP in 2012. Established in 2011, William Glosup (vocals, guitar, drums), Robert Baldwin (vocals, bass) and Chris Balcom (vocals, guitar) have been playing their 60s-inspired music packed with lively rhythms and whistle solos around Austin.

Mole People

Mole People established their punk band in 2009. The band describes their music as psychedelic punk. Band members Daren Carter III, Joshua Gamma, Art Levy, Ben Seligson and Jose Arturo Silva are managed by Joshua Gamma. The Mole People released their debut album “No Time For Love” in 2011. Since then, the band has been playing music all around Austin and has released a 5-track EP “Young Bummers.”

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