Homegrown Live January Lineup!
Posted 12/26/2012 9:54:00 AM

The Tontons

It's funny. The Tontons don't have a readily available mainstream band to make an off-the-cuff comparison, so in this space we won't tell you they sound like Indie Flavor Of The Week or Noted And Weighty Classic Rock Name. The Tontons simply sound like the Tontons. That sounds like false bluster, but anyone who has been tracking them since 2008 will tell you the same thing. Up front is Asli Omar, that vocal vixen who can make men and rock nerds alike quake in their boots. Bassist Tom Nguyen, whose rumble forms the dermis of the band and then them boys Adam and Justin Martinez come in with titanic guitars and drums to make sure you are still moving your feet. This is a band that has been fully embraced by their native Houston, and the Tontons have hugged the city back with relentless gigging around town, and now it's time for the world to get some love from The Tontons.

A Silent Film

A Silent Film is an alternative rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. The band consists of Robert Stevenson (vocals, keyboards), Karl Bareham (guitar), Ali Hussain (bass) and Spencer Walker (drums). The band has released two albums, “The City That Sleeps” (2008) and “Sand & Snow” (2012).

In addition to Robert Stevenson, A Silent Film is rounded out by Karl Bareham (guitar), Ali Hussain (bass) and Spencer Walker (drums). A Silent Film formed in 2005 and has garnered favorable comparisons to Coldplay, The Killers, and Snow Patrol. Its new offering is aligned with its formative poetic and expansive pop-rock aesthetic but there is a freshly confident depth and distinction evident in the writing. Sand & Snow is searchingly hopeful with emotive hooks and romantically purposeful lyrics.

Sounds Under Radio

With their sophomore release, Where My Communist Heart Meets My Capitalist Mind, Sounds Under Radio continues to build upon the foundational musical truths that they established through their first full length release Cinematica (2008). These are the contrasts between light and dark, guarded and vulnerable, specific and vague that yield a stadium sized, anthemic musical demeanor juxtaposed with quiet, personal intimacy. Through their highly melodic Americanized Brit Rock flair (reminiscent of bands like Muse, Brand New, Dredge and Editors) this Austin TX rock quartet have forged an audience and a sound uniquely their own. Members Lang Freeman, Bradley Oliver, Sonny Sanchez and Doug Wilson, first began to collaborate in mid 2005.

Stereo Is A Lie

Founded deep in the heart of Austin, TX, STEREO IS A LIE came to life in 2009 when Glynn Wedgewood (vocals/guitar, ex-IV Thieves), recently relocated from his native England, began to assemble a band of like-minded souls to make some rock and roll. Texan Justin Scott (keyboards) was soon joined by the rhythm section when Seattle-via-London transplant Marcus Piña (bass, ex-Love Battery, Alta May), and Californian Jayson Altman (drums, ex-Young Heart Attack, Motel Aviv) signed on. STEREO IS A LIE’s electrifying 2011 self-titled debut catapulted the Austin, TX quintet onto the international scene, drawing worthy comparisons to Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and early Radiohead. Blending sheer sonic rock power with melodic song craft and masterful musician and showmanship, STEREO IS A LIE is not to be missed, captivating audiences with their engaging high-energy live performances. Here ya go! Let me know if anything else is needed!

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