Homegrown Live November 17th Lineup!
Posted 10/30/2012 1:17:00 PM

Oak is Keeping

Oak is Keeping is the outcome of mixing heavy, guttural guitars with astral harmonies and brash lyrical content, about everything from love to the human condition. This mixture produces a rock and roll sound that has been compared to the likes of Toadies, Alice & Chains and Queens of the Stone Age. Oak is Keeping have been playing around Texas and its surrounding states for over a year while Shay, Mastin, Zac and Adam wrote and recorded songs for their debut album, Animal Style! The record is full of double guitar attacks, driving beats, haunting melodies and powerful bass lines. The band's next EP, Doom Rainbow, didn't come out until late 2012, picking up right where the band left off.... Heavy riffs, sweet solos, dragon lightning bolts and some more sweet songs.

Diesel and Dixie

The Southern Rock/ Blue band consists of Adam "The Hacksaw" Brady, True Lawton's "The Swamp's a Burnin", Richard "The Reaganator" Earnest, Bradley 'The Rebel Yell' Parmer.  Attendees have described their shows as an intense fusion of hilarious show antics, Zeppelin-esque freeform improvisational transitions, and just plainly a hell of a great time. In an age where the music world is awash with bands more concerned with connecting through facebook than their music, Diesel and Dixie stampedes right over those lame asses. If you're in the mood for an old school auditory ass kickin' your best bet is to seek out, with all your strength, whatever you can get your hands on from Diesel & Dixie!

The Calm Blue Sea

The Calm Blue Sea are an experimental post-rock band from Austin, Texas that have been playing together since 2007.
Their first full length CD is the album The Calm Blue Sea (2008), and in 2009 they released the limited edition Siegfried: An Original Score as a double CD. They released their new album, Arrivals and Departures, this year on October 9, 2012.

Language Room

Thus far, the trajectory of Language Room’s career has been determined by a strange brew of happenstance, fan support, and a certain resourceful thriftiness. In 2007, old friends Scott Graham and Todd Sapio ran into each other on the streets of SXSW after not seeing each other since they both lived in Los Angeles years prior. They began collaborating and soon decided to turn their ideas into an actual band, bringing in Scott’s brother Matt on bass. Language Room has proven to be both undeterred by limitations and blessed with an incredibly supportive fan base. With over a dozen brand new songs the band has begun pre-production for their next release which will prove to be the most poignant to date.

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