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Tennis w/ Pure Bathing Culture

Saturday, November 1, 2014
@ RED 7

Venue Info


611 E 7th St
Austin, 78701 TX


from transmissionevents.com:

Tennis didn't set out to intentionally shake things up for "Small Sound," but that's because they never have an agenda when they enter the studio. Guitarist Patrick Riley and singer/keyboardist Alaina Moore only have one guideline when they make music, and that is to bounce each idea they have back and forth between them until they know they've taken it as as far as it can go. And the husband and wife duo have taken it pretty far on "Small Sound," their first release for the New York label Communion, who immediately flew the band out for a meeting after hearing their new songs.

It's understandable why Communion got so excited. Working with Spoon's Jim Eno and producer Richard Swift, the pair have spread out and added an extra swing to their usual spritely pop template on the EP -- which will be released on November 5 -- buttressing their ever-elegant pop hooks with steady Motown grooves and their most intricate vocal harmonies yet. Tennis consider "Small Sound" a warm up for next year's next full length, but it works just as well on its own, filled with sharp melodies and sharper observations about life in the music industry and forging their identity. It took two previous albums for Riley and Moore to learn to trust their instincts.


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