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New Found Glory

with We Are The In Crowd, Fireworks and Candy Hearts
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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2015 E Riverside Dr
Austin, 78741 TX


New Found Glory

with We Are The In Crowd, Fireworks and Candy Hearts


from emosaustin.com:

New Found Glory

New Found Glory is an American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, formed in 1997. The band's constant members have been lead vocalist Jordan Pundik, guitarists Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein, bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki, who replaced Joe Marino after the release of their debut EP. During their sixteen-year recording career, the band have released seven studio albums, one live album, three EPs, and three cover albums.
Emerging as part of the second wave of pop punk in the late 1990s, music critics consider them a key pioneer of the genre.Labelled the as the "godfathers of pop punk", Allmusic credits them for "practically serving alongside the work of Blink-182 as the blueprint to the entire genre for the early 2000s."[15] Also renowned for their energetic live performances, the five-some have garnered a devout following since their inception.


Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts are an American pop-punk band from Newark, New Jersey. The band's current line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Mariel Loveland, drummer Matthew Ferraro and bassist John Clifford. The band was formed by Loveland and guitarist Kris Hayes (formerly of Nightmare River Band) in 2009. Loveland is the sole remaining original member. Their debut album, Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams, was released for free online in 2010. It featured Loveland, Hayes, bassist Greg Baldwin and drummer Nick Noto.


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