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Jason Broke Another Toilet

photos by Nick Hajda

Before he got sicker than he had ever been before, Jason threw a little pool party.  Actually, he threw a couple of parties, and that might help explain what happened.

At the Secret Listener Treehouse pool party, Jason turned into his drunken alter ego DeWayne, which is never a good sign.  DeWayne went into the house to use the bathroom, but the bathroom ended up using him.  

Look, let's just face facts:  he broke another toilet.  With his own body.  He got sprayed in the face with a bunch of water, cut his finger open, and then destroyed a trash can on his way back up from the floor.  The water soaked all the clothes that he "stores" on the floor, and he had to get his friends and family to clean his mess up.  

So it sounds like, all in all, the party was a huge success!




Check out the pics Producer Nick took of all the festivities.

Jason's Listener Pool Party

1 of 13
White Ranger Gil And Keri From Toronto In Jason's Pool...
Photo by: 
Nick Hajda



Or see real pool party pictures here: 

Jason's Call-The-Cops Pool Party

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Jason Chilling In The New Totally Big Enough Pool
Photo by: 
Deb O'Keefe...




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