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This Really Hurts
Posted 11/12/2013 11:34:00 AM

Dear Diary

Yesterday was sitting number two for my latest piece of art work on my body, aka my new tattoo. I was hoping it would be completed but it looks like I'll need at least one or two more sittings. And damn. That really sucks because remember last week when I told you that I had gone in to some type of zone where I just laid there and the pain was sort of a good pain? Well that is a giant load of bullcrap. Yesterday was the worst day of tattooing I've ever experienced. It wasn't my tattoo artist's fault at all as he has a very soft touch but it was because my tattoo design goes all up into my arm pit. Honestly, there were points yesterday when I swore out loud and almost jumped up out of my seat. It hurt so effing much I had tears in my eyes. Why the hell does the armpit have to hurt somuch? It makes me want to tan my pits or make them work out or something so the skin isn't so soft! Anyway, there was a nice couple getting worked on by the other artist in the studio who kept me sane, so thanks to them.

Posted By: Deb  
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