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My New Job
Posted 10/15/2013 9:34:00 AM
Dear Diary
This week I am playing nursemaid/driver/personal assistant to one of my best friends who had surgery last week. She is on crutches after having hip surgery and cannot drive for another two weeks. I’ve been prepped to help her out since we found out she was having the operation as my schedule is very conducive to walking her dog, running her around to and from work and taking her to the grocery store etc. And honestly, I was very happy to be able to help! Her family is all out of town, much like mine, and I know firsthand how tough/annoying it is to be on crutches, unable to do normal everyday things. I also was excited because I found out yesterday that she’s decided to watch the entire Lost series and now I’ll get to watch it all over again! But little did I know that I would be doing these tasks as well as being my friend’s amateur Physical Therapist. What do I mean by that? Well yesterday I went to her PT appointment with her and was instructed on how to do these weird hip rotation exercises on her. I have to basically stand next to her while she’s laying down on her bed and hold her leg and move it in little circles. The whole routine takes about 20 mins and it’s harder work than you’d think! I’ve never held a person’s leg before and it is actually really heavy! Anyway, I’m pretty sure this makes me qualified to be a PT now. Get at me if you need some help!
Posted By: Deb  
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