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Electricity Experiment
Posted 9/24/2013 10:06:00 AM

Dear Diary   

Last month I got what I would like to think of an exorbitant electricity bill. I know some people get much bigger bills but to me, $218.40 is a lot of money! So I decided to do a little experiment and attempt to save myself some money. I generally put the air temperature at home down to 76 at night and then 78 during the day. But sometimes I forget and leave the temp at 76 all day. I convinced myself this was the reason my bill was so high. SOOO, the new plan was to raise the temperature and keep the house a little warmer. 79 or 80 during the day and 78 at night. Maybe 77 if it was really warm. I put a lighter blanket on the bed, put the fan on high and sweated it out. Now, I did feel a little bad that I hadn’t informed my roommate of my new experiment, but I just figured that if he got too hot he’d adjust the thermostat. Right, so, a month later, I get the next electricity bill and I open it, all excited about the fantastic savings I had created for myself, and then…. Guess what? The new bill was $218.53. What the hell!? NO difference at all! My experiment failed.

Posted By: Deb  
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