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Posted 7/24/2013 9:03:00 AM

Dear Diary   

Yesterday was awesome. We did a 'This is not good radio' podcast live at the brand new, sexy as eff Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline. We got to chat to the wonderful Tim league and bill Norris, we got to swear a lot and I won the IMDB game! After a brief interlude, we sat down to watch the very good and scary movie, 'The Conjuring'. We had great seats and I had the pleasure of sitting  in between my bf and Alex's lovely mum. Then next to her it was Alex and finally on the end, Nick. We had a crack staff of stealthy and prompt waiters and the food and beer was great! Do why am I telling you about this? Nick. That's why. Now I feel like its bad timing to criticize him as he's already freaked out on Jason, but something's got to give! What on earth is is with the way Nick 'does' food?? It's like nothing else I've ever seen, or worse, heard! I'm sitting three people away and can hear all his weird noises in all their glory. Seriously, Nick was scarier than the movie..

Posted By: Deb  
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