(10/13/13) Monty's Catch of the Day - Morcheeba
Posted 10/13/2013 8:59:00 AM

Morcheeba is back on the scene, and are set to release their 8th studio album entitled, Head Up High. How about them apples? The long life of Morcheeba is an interesting one, especially when you go back to the start when they were one of the original bands to introduce a new style of music that fused together elements of electronic, hip-hop, and jazz. We called it "trip-hop" back in the 90's. They (along with Massive Attack, Tricky, and The Chemical Brothers) started a new sound that still carries on today for both electronic and hip-hop bands. After a small departure from lead singer, Skye, the UK band was never quite the same. Their 7th album, Blood Like Lemonade, saw the return of Skye and a return to the wonderful music that they have put out over the years. Today's catch is called "Gimme Your Love", and it shows that Morcheeba still has what it takes to make some of the most beautiful chilled out music with infectious, head-bobbing beats. Head Up High will be out next week, but you can hear a sample to the first single off the LP, "Gimme Your Love", in the audio player above. Good things! 

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