(4/14/13) Monty's Catch of the Day - Jessie Ware
Posted 4/14/2013 8:25:00 AM

Jessie Ware is the London beauty who has really made a big impact with her soulful voice, and catchy tunes. Her album Devotion was released in 2012 overseas, with much critical acclaim, and was even nominated for a Mercury Prize which is the US equivalent to the Grammy for best album. Her album even made our Chillville Best of 2012 list, with several tracks on our show rotation. Well now Jessie Ware is ready to take on the US, and is already being called the "Next Big Artist to Watch". Her album Devotion is now getting the North American treatment with a re-release, which will include a few new tracks and remixes. It will be titled Devotion - The Gold Edition. Today's catch is actually one of those new songs, and is called "Imagine It Was Us". In my opinion, this upbeat dance track really compliments the whole album, and shows Ware's fun side of music-making. Devotion - The Gold Edition will be out next week, but you can check out the video for today's catch, "Imagine It Was Us", below. I love me some Jessie Ware - probably my favorite new artist right now. Good things!

 photo thumbs_jessie-ware-press-1787-1_zps73088c9a.jpg

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