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Trevin on the Radio gets drafted to AAA Round Rock


When I was a youngster, I wanted nothing more than to be a Los Angeles Dodger.  I practically lived at Dodger Stadium when I was a kiddo.  I could see the stadium lights illuminate the horizon from my backyard in Silverlake, a community in L.A.  My Mom's employer, an elderly attorney, who was an absolute gem, practically gave us his season tickets every year to see my beloved Blue Crew, season tickets, mind you-that were in the front row-center of the 1st balcony section (the orange seats if you know Dodger Stadium) immediately behind home plate.  An older Trevin now eats his heart out thinking about these seats...Tommy Lasorda once signed my mitt, "To Trevin, a future Dodger" SEE??????


I clearly, never became a Dodger.  I did become the next best thing.  A Liger. Wait.


Join us for our next 101X night at the Dell Diamond, they're always a good time.  Beers, Hotdogs, and Baseball...and me throwing out the first pitch.  Normally, there's an actual player catching the ball, but they were scared of my heater. (or busy still doing actual ballplayer stuff) I was asked to play nice since "Spike" was mitt-less. Although he muffed the pitch, a splitter, it was still a good time, thanks to our partners at the Round Rock Express for having us.



Trevin gave out the first pitch at the Round Rock Express game. Nailed it.

Friday July 18, 2014 @ Dell Diamond

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