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Weirdest Places We've Ever Gotten Drunk

 The Queen is not amused. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.


This morning you might have heard the segment where Deb tell us that she once got drunk in front of a castle. A castle. So we were wondering what are some of the weirdest places you've ever gotten drunk? Here's ours:



When Deb was younger, she once lied to her parents and then proceeded to walk to the nearest castle and drink herself into a stupor. Because apparently England just had castles in the neighborhood or something. Seriously, though. Does every village in England. just have a random medieval fortress within walking distance? In honor of her story, here are a few castles around the U.K. we WISH we could pass out drunk outside of:

Castles We Want to Get Drunk Outside Of

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Castle Stalker
Photo by: 
Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
We'll have to put our drinks in a cooler and float out to the castle.



Jason got infamously drunk at Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2012. So drunk, in fact, that most of us only remember one moment: when he fell over flat onto the ground. It was as if a tiny lumberjack had come up, decided that he had drank too much, and chopped off his balance. Too bad this song wasn't out at the time:



The craziest place that Alex has ever gotten drunk is in the studio. That's right. A couple of years ago we made him drink an entire can of Four Loko before that stuff was changed into the more tame version we know today. And boy, did Alex get drunk. However, Alex had to interview Rivers Cuomo with Nick at 11AM. So he desparately tried to sober up before Rivers got there by eating a honey bun out of the vending machine.

Not sure who Rivers is? Sure you do. He's the lead singer for Weezer.

Weezer ft. Chamillionaire - "Can't Stop Partying"



Nick used to work at a bar, so apparently his alcohol tolerance is so high that he doesn't get drunk anymore. Liar.


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