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Jeter Jealousy


Deb was feeling pretty adventurous and decided to partake in an indoor skydiving / networking luncheon. We’re talking synergy here people! The odd sensation of indoor skydiving (labeled “just cray” by Deb) does have some limitations though. A weight limit of 250 pounds is loosely enforced; those displaying athletic ability can more-or-less ignore the limit. Deb saw the experience as a wonderful team building exercise, but Jason and producer Nick may not fit the limit so well. The two argued who would be a better indoor skydiver, leading the two to (hopefully) have an eventual athlete-off to prove who’s worthy.



Who says the youth of today don’t know what’s going on? Deb fully stands behind calling the social media Instagram by the shortened “Insta,” but Jason feels the simpler IG is better. Although the site is apparently only used for selfies, tattoo pictures and whatever people are having for dinner, Deb sees Instagram as a tool for the youth. She is fully supported by the interns (aka the youth of America) in using “Insta” as an acceptable shortening for the app. Be sure to follow our wonderful DJs (although Jason hardly uses his) and some of our lowly interns!











Wednesdays we shine a light on That Guy – the guy (or girl) who does something douchey and either doesn’t realize it or doesn’t apologize for it. Today we had a listener suggestion and we couldn’t agree more: the Bluetooth headset in public places guy. If you’re going to be chatting it up with apparently nobody, do it by yourself and not in public spaces. We’re tired of thinking you’re randomly talking to us when you’re just too lazy to hold your phone to your ear. Who even uses Bluetooth earpieces anymore?



Producer Nick is an angry man, but we allow him to yell at whomever he wants, as long as he changes the name to "Redacted." In this passive-aggressive rant, producer Nick had some beef over some peoples’ inability to name podcasts properly. After teaching these people how to correctly title the audio segments, Nick feels aggravated at their lack of retentiveness. Nick had some real steam to release, but we regrettably had to cut him off due to his tangential rant about the interns in general.



We're all about supporting animal charities and bringing you the happiness of animals in your own home. So you should check out our friends at Love-A-Bull, who are currently looking for a home for Kit. She's low-key, but she'll perk up to play some softball, Give Kit and the other adopt-a-bulls a look here.



At 8:50 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.” Today we called up A Healing Place Pilates in Kansas in order for Deb to get some physical healing. Deb got a little turned around with the Pilates and focused on the bigger “circle of life” healing the institute was able to offer. Brain exercises were highly recommended by Mrs. Wilma (our new favorite) who was a real sweetheart and returned Deb’s “I Love You.” She was so polite-ees.



Every day we “trivialize” Deb by asking her quiz questions, then laughing when she doesn’t know the answers. Today we tested Deb on her man Derek Jeter, including several baseball stats that would be surprising if she knew. She wasn’t knowledgeable about how many seasons he’s played, but she sure did know who currently holds the heart of Mr. Jeter. Not even her reading glasses could help her figure out how many homeruns he had under his belt unfortunately. Sorry Deb but one out of three ain’t bad!



Hilary Rodham Clinton may or may not have announced that she’s running for president. The current Secretary of State visited the Daily Show and was teased by John Stewart for wanting a “home office.” Jason’s skeptical about Clinton, saying she’s “too old” for the job, but we can all assume she’d do a better job than Jason any day.

A Comcast subscriber attempted to cancel his service and the resulting phone call was painfully awkward. The customer service representative, who we assume to be Mr. Comcast, was unconvincingly aggressive and just passed as regrettably forceful. Hopefully the company won’t come and cast him out.

A mother in Katy, Texas pleaded with passing shoppers to help spring her kids from her locked jeep. The woman accidentally locked her keys in her car and was thankfully aided by some upright citizens who smashed her window to aid the kids. No one should be left in a car during this hot Texas summer, so be sure to take any small companions with you when you venture inside.



The American League is headed to the World Series, and Deb even accurately guessed that they won the home field advantage! Derek Jeter received a standing ovation and proved himself worthy of the praise, but his outstanding sportsmanship was unnoticed by those who name the MVP. He was robbed of that title, no trout.

Adam Silver (NBA commissioner) addressed the current situation with Donald Sterling regarding Clippers ownership. Sterling will fight till the day he dies that he will always own the team. Silver explained that they’d have no way to have him out before the start of the season, as he’s too busy dealing with Sterling’s lawsuits against the NBA.

The Miami heat under the recommendation of LeBron James drafted Shabazz Napier recently to replace the previous Floridian all-star. Shabazz sparked controversy via twitter by unfollowing LeBron, but he claims he just lacks knowledge on how Twitter works.

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