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SXSW Survival Kit

SXSW is here! And this isn't your normal festival. This is 10 days of music, film, technology, comedy, and fun. So if you find yourself around downtown Austin there are a few things that you might consider bringing with you.


Bag - Don't try and be fashionable here. It's okay to bring a backpack or a large bag. You'll need the room to carry your survival kit.

Comfortable shoes - SXSW spreads out all over downtown Austin. Be prepared to walk between all the stuff you wanna see. 

Water bottle - All that walking will make you thirsty and wouldn't you rather fill up at a water fountain than pay ten bucks for a water bottle every time?

Earplugs - If you're planning on going to a lot of show, you'll thank yourself for bringing earplugs. Sometimes you get stuck in front of the speakers and you don't want to lose your hearing on the first day.

Cash - Chances are you'll get hungry or thirsty and it's a lot easier to grab that taco you've been craving without having to worry about using your card every time. Plus, some places only take cash.

Charger(s) - SXSW is a technological mecca. It's all about taking pics, tweeting, socializing, networking, and the online world. So don't miss out. Bring your phone charger (or the laptop, depending on how hardcore you are).

Sharpie - You never known when you'll need an autograph…or a number...

Hand sanitizer - Self -explanatory. Note: you MIGHT have to use a porta-potty at some point.

Sweater or jacket - Be prepared for all weather. Even if it's not that cold, a jacket can help keep the rain out.

Sunglasses / sunscreen / hat - And if it's actually sunny outside, you'll need these guys.

Headache medicine - It doesn't matter if you need it because of the loud noises or the hangover, bring it along.

Business cards - If you're planning on using SXSW for business and pleasure, be sure to bring some business cards. It's not just about the fun. You might have some networking opportunities as well.

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