Kusama is the name of the EP that you can pick up when you hit the link; "Villain" is the name of the taster track you can download free, too-- here !
...and news of a much-earlier-than-expected release date (2.28) for Different Gear, Same Speed , the debut album for Oasis-minus-Noel. Liam's saying there are songs better than those on Definitely, Maybe . Hmmm.... Well, I like it better than the other song they've snuck out...
The Fall was released via download on Xmas Day to fan club members and iPad owners. We're assured that we'll all be able to get our hands on the record--recorded, mixed, and mostly performed on Damon's iPad--soon after the first of the year. For now, have a listen to all 15...
AWOLNation's signature song w/ ATX treatment--get it here .
Collapse Into Now comes 3.8, but you can grab a taster track, "Discoverer", here . Enjoy!
Valhalla Dance Hall arrives next month from the Cumbrian-cum-Brighton lads (and lass). "Living Is So Easy" will be on it; it's available here .
taking a break from their break, here's "Boots": The Killers - Boots (Official Video) Uploaded by Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv . - Explore more music videos. a pretty good song. The official vid for "Christmas Lights", after the short Vevo commercial: