The buzzworthy headliner at 101X's SXSW Showcase this spring returns to the States for Lollapalooza in a coupla weeks. "U+Me" is on Dan's UN album. Here's a somewhat-acoustic take:
Brit radio has embraced Brooklyn's The Drums. Here's the song gettin' the love:
*NME, July 14 The big voice behind The Verve returns with a new record on Monday. Here's the single:
Radiohead's drummer releases his first solo record this summer after 25 years of sitting behind Yorke & Co. Here's a sample!
on a lark, Martyn Noble rounded up some friends to cut an English football anthem, & posted it here the day before the Three Lions take on Algeria.
keep an ear on 101X for "Ready To Start". Brits kept an ear on Zane Lowe for " We Used To Wait " Monday.