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Homegrown Replay

Playlist and Podcast for the 01.21.18 Show

Sorry for the delay here, I was out of town yesterday and didn’t have a moment to post this thing. Anyhow, dive in now! There’s show recommendations for this week, plus a lot of new tunes from the likes of Wild Child, Curtis Roush, Mobley, Dryspell, Jonathan Terrell and Erika Wennerstrom!  Enjoy.

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(NEW) Wild Child – Sinking Ship
(NEW) Curtis Roush – Getaway
Good Field – Surface Tension
Matthew Logan Vasquez – Same
Blushing – Hidden Places
(NEW) Mobley – Tell You
(NEW) Dryspell – You Without Me
Big Bill – Pharmacy
(NEW) Jonathan Terrell – Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)
(NEW) Erika Wennerstrom – Extraordinary Love
Belcurve – Dirty Deeds (AC/DC Cover)


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