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Homegrown Replay

Playlist and Podcast for the 04.30.17 Show

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Here's the show. Check it out!

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Alex Napping – You’ve Got Me
(NEW) Dream Machine – All For A Chance
(NEW) Quin Galavis - Question
Go Fever – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
Summer Salt – Candy Wrappers
Annabelle Chairlegs – Axe Me If I Care
A Giant Dog - Creep
The Sword – Mist & Shadow
The Ghost Wolves – Whettin’ My Knife
(NEW) Crooked Bangs - Baudelaire
(NEW) Xetas – The Gaze
My Jerusalem – No One Gonna Give You Love
The Octopus Project – Small Hundred
Sweet Spirit – The Power


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