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You Can Play in the 3rd Annual Jason and Deb Softball Tournament!


Our 3rd Annual Jason and Deb Softball Tournament brought to you by Austin Infiniti is just around the corner!


Do you want to play? All you have to do is email morningx@krox.com. We'll pick the teams from the submissions.




When: Sept. 20 at 9AM

Where: Kreig Field Softball Complex

Benefitting: Emancipet


This is a co-ed tournament, so you need gals AND guys on your team. You also need a minimum of ten people, but you can have more if you'd like. And no matter what, you're guaranteed at least three games.


Don't actually play softball? Don't worry. Get a team together with your friends and come out to play, eat some Gatti's Pizza, and enjoy some Bud Light. There's also going to be some cool prizes if you advance.


Big thanks to Austin Infiniti for sponsoring our tournament. Because of them, our donation to Emancipet is going to be waaaaaay bigger.


If you need to be convinced to play, just check out the photos from last year and see how much you can have.


Jason and Deb Softball Tournament 2013

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