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SXSW Picks - Jason Dick


South By Southwest is happening.  SOON.  Basically now.

You don't know what to see.  Let us take care of that for you by combing through the schedule and picking out the best artists and movies and whatever.

Here are Jason's Mostly-Serious Picks:



Song To Song


Jason says: that likely disastrous movie they shot at ACL and FFFfest. Deb might be in it.


@Midnight w/ Chris Hardwick Live

Jason says: Hardwick's 2nd best game show. Should be fun.


Sports Betting: No Longer Taboo For Leagues?

Jason says: my annual gambling panel! Wheee gambling!



Jason says: a doc about energy drink commercials? OK.


Win It All

Jason says: scripted (comedy?) feature about gambling. Half of Key and Peele are in it. Metering my expectations.


Baby Driver

Jason says: from the Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead guy


Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind The Show The World Watched

Jason says: duh.



Jason says: porn doc. Double duh.


The Disaster Artist

Jason says: James Franco's brother's movie.


Improv4Humans Podcast Recording

Jason says: Rafi from The League will be there.


What About Nate Thune?

Jason says: I prefer Bargatze.


Refinery29 and Ke$ha Discuss Reclaiming The Internet

Jason says:  it's Ke$ha y'all. 


Meth Storm: Arkansas USA

Jason says:  doc about meth use in Arkanas. Who'da thunk?


Jimmy Eat World

Jason says: my second favorite band ever. Don't go. Will be impossible to get in. 


The Big Sick

Jason says: trueish story of Kumail Nanjiani meeting his wife. They wrote it together. Don't work with your significant other.


Music Keynote Conversation: Garth Brooks and Steve Boom

Jason says: someone tell me where the secret Garth show is. TELL ME!


Ray Wylie Hubbard

Jason says: just sounds nasty.



Jason says: shaking booty making sweet love all night long.


Doug Loves Movies Podcast Recording

Jason says: end of fest tradition.



And don't forget if you're into that whole music thing that there's a whole smorgasbord of artists playing for free at the 101X Live Broadcast from Buffalo Billiards throughout SXSW Music.




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