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New Manning Brothers Rap


The Manning brothers are at it again. Did you think that Peyton and Eli were done with their rapping career? Nope. They're back with what is obviously going to be the next big hit.


Words can't even describe this. Just....just watch this.


The Manning Brothers - "Fantasy Football Fantasy"


Description: - Peyton Manning & Eli Manning are back with another summer jam!

Following summer 2013's wildly popular “Football on Your Phone #FYOP,” the two NFL QBs rap their way through a FANTASY FOOTBALL DREAM WORLD inspired by DIRECTV’s new, exclusive Fantasy Zone Channel.


Just in case you haven't seen the first one, here ya go:



Peyton And Eli Manning Sing An R&B Song About Football And Phones
Yes, this is just a dumb commercial for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. But it also features Eli Manning crooning, "It's like I spilled milk all over your blouse by accident (or on purpose)/It's like the milk is like football, and the blouse is your phone." The Mannings just do not give a fuck, and we respect that.


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