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Deb's Butt Is In This Post, Too


After bugging him for weeks, Jason finally went with Producer Alex to Six Flags Fiesta Texas this weekend.  Jason loved being exposed to the fun rides.  Or, at least, the rides he could get on.  Twice Jason couldn’t get buckled into the restraints, and he had to wait while Alex rode the rollercoaster on his own.  Finally the restraint went up over his legs on the Iron Rattler (after he made it pop up twice), and he was totally vindicated.  Obviously he doesn’t have a weight problem.  See all the pictures here.



Tuesdays we take a peek into Deb’s Diary to see what it’s like to be a hot, British chick living in Austin.  For a while now she’s been trying to get paid for an event she worked, and she can’t get her money.  The guy who put the event together wrote her two checks, and they both bounced.  What can she do at this point?  Even if she doesn’t get the money, she wants to warn people away from working with this guy.  We were told she can actually get him arrested.  Yeah, take him to the popo!



Deb’s stairs are treacherous.  She fell a while back from almost the very top, bruising up her butt something vicious.  This time, she slipped again at the bottom, thinking that would be just fine.  But she forgot that what was waiting for her at the bottom was a concrete floor.  Her butt might be bruised like it was last time.  Look, Deb, you’re about to be 40.  You can’t take these kinds of risks.  We’re gonna need to install a chairlift in her house.



Jason went to the 101X tailgate for the UT game on Saturday, expecting to see Nick, whose presence had been very well advertised.  When he didn’t see Nick there, he started asking around.  That made Nick think that Jason is trying to get him fired.  That and the fact that Jason texted Nick a handful of times, making fun of him for being late.  Sometimes Nick worries that maybe pot is making him paranoid, but then he thinks:  “Nah, that’s just the pot making me paranoid.”



We love animals, and the latest way that we're showing it is supporting our friends at the Rowing Dock, who need to raise money for their beloved mascot, Ria.  You can see Ria bringing Deb some happiness right here, and if you can help her keep that going by participating in their event or donating, you'll be a slightly better person because of it.



At 8:50 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.”  Today she called Delaware River Waterfront in Philadelphia, which was already confusing.  She found out she couldn’t bring any non-alcoholic drinks to the park, and when she asked if there was anywhere you can swim, the woman seemed confused, explaining that there’s no pool.  What about the river?  No.  No way.  Shocking everyone, Deb got a “love you, too” out of the City of Brotherly Love.



Every day we “trivialize” Deb by asking her questions about the game of football, then laughing when she doesn’t know the answers.  Today she had concussion trivia.  Which legendary quarterback won three Super Bowls and suffered ten concussions in his career?  She guessed Troy Aikman, which was correct.  We also learned that Wes Welker has a comically large helmet for safety.



This weekend there was a massive leak of celebrities’ personal photos, many explicit.  Those having their iCloud accounts hacked included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.



Michael Sam, the first gay man to be drafted into the NFL, has been cut by the Rams before the season even started.

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