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Homegrown Live and The Versus Project


When we first heard of The Versus Project through their kickstarter page, the emphasis of community, colaboration and creation struck a chord with us. We're all about supporting the Austin music scene. We strive to connect bands with new fans and we recognize that we are all part of a special community. A little eco-system that feeds each other. So of course, we wanted to shine a spotlight on this unique homegrown community colaboration.


We talked with Josh Denslow of Borrisokane:


What exactly is the Versus Project?

In short, the Versus Project is a collection of new songs from Borrisokane spread across six “Versus” EPs featuring some of our favorite bands. In addition to brand new music from everyone involved, we covered a song from each band and each band covered one of our songs.

THE BANDS = Major Major Major, Pageantry, Young Tongue, Home By Hovercraft, Knifight, and Yum

(Yes, we’re very lucky.)


What inspired you to curate this project?

When it came time for Borrisokane to begin work on a new EP, we wanted to change it up a bit. We’re a part of this amazing music community, and we figured there must be some way to include our friends and fellow musicians.

When I pitched the idea of the Versus Project to the rest of Borrisokane, they were of course very excited. But they thought there was no way anyone else would climb aboard this crazy train.

Turns out, every band we wanted not only agreed, but soon began recording covers of our songs that were infinitely better than our original versions. It has been an exciting and humbling experience. There’s real talent here and we’re honored that every time someone picks up the Versus Project, they get to hear all these bands.


How did it all come together?

Picking the bands was easy. We thought about all the great bands we’d been playing with and listening to over the last year or so. It was pretty apparent that every member of Borrisokane was throwing out the same band names. And that was that.

Once the bands were tasked with recording their covers and new songs, we began work on the art. The backs of each CD combine to form a stunning collage created by Shawn Magill and the very talented Claire Morales did the design for each disc using Shawn’s art and designed the box in which they will live.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing Dennis Harvey who has mastered all of Borrisokane’s output as well as everything that appears on The Versus Project. He’s a hell of a musician and our songs would be a lot different without his input.


How can we get our hands on the music?

We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in February where we took pre-orders for an actual wooden box containing all 6 discs. There will only be a handful of these beautiful boxes designed by Claire Morales beyond what was ordered in the Kickstarter, so get to the show early if you want one. After that, only individual discs will be available at shows and through the usual digital outlets.


What can we expect at the release show?

You can expect two hours of music from all seven bands structured much like a two act play. Forget about set times, this is a full-on performance piece. Not only will the bands be playing songs from their catalogues, but they’ll be performing cover songs and collaborating with each other on stage. If all goes as planned, at some point in the evening, you’ll see all seven bands on stage at one time. We’ve been working toward this release show for almost a year now. I don’t think you’ll want to miss it.


Aug. 23 at Scoot Inn

Doors at 7p, with Octant at 8p and The Versus Project at 9p


Young Tongue interpretation of Borrisokane's Sinking Catalina:


Pagentry cover Borrisokane's Elizabeth:


Yum plays Borrisokane's Indoor/Outdoor Paleontologists Blues:


Home by Hovercraft's take on Borrisokane's Thank You For Being So Nice and Cooperative (explicit)

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