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(7/27/14) Monty's Catch of the Day - De Lux

If you're like me and really miss LCD Soundsystem (James Murphy), then have I got a treat for you. Now there will never be another LCD, but a new band out of LA named De Lux just might fill in that musical void. The duo made up of  Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco are fairly new to the scene, but have put together an electro-funk, groove filled jam that happens to be today's catch. The name of the song is called "Better at Making Time", which comes in at over 7 minutes long; however, it's groovy dance beats and upbeat funky vibe make the length a non issue. I actually wanted more! De Lux has really channeled their inner LCD Soundsystem with this track, but at the same time kept it their own. "Better at Making Time" is on a 5-song EP, that teams the band together with Scion AV. It can be downloaded for free at the Scion AV website, so make sure you pick this one up as soon as possible. Check out the entertaining video for today's catch in the YouTube player below. Good things!


Download album for free:
LA-based duo De Lux takes the idea of having a song stuck in your head to new levels with the video for their single, "Better At Making Time."

The band partnered with Scion AV to release a five-song EP that combines post-disco and post-punk for a superb DIY dance record.

Directed by Cameron Dutra

Download album for free:

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