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(7/20/14) Monty's Catch of the Day - Slaptop

Who is the myth known as Slaptop?

There is a huge mystery behind Slaptop. Who is he? What's his real name? There is a lot of uncertainty involving this brand new artist. If you look at his Facebook, you will notice that he (and the account) are fairly new and unknown. As a matter of fact, there are less than 3k "likes", which is fairly low for a musician with some buzz. As far as facts go, I do know that Slapshot is out of San Francisco, and his latest track "Sunrise" is today's catch of the day. I have read on the internet that he is a college student that records out of his dorm room, and that he may or may not be one of the guys in the video for "Sunrise". However, none of this has not been confirmed. The one thing that I'm 100% sure about is that "Sunrise" is an amazing song due to its infectious groove and beats - it's a song that will lift your spirit, give you energy, stick in your head, and cause you to bust a move. This best way to describe Slaptop's sound is a cross between Chromeo and Capital Cities. Check out the video for "Sunrise" in the YouTube video below, and judge for yourself. I dare you not to like this song. Good things!


Slaptop 'Sunrise' available now on iTunes:


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Directed by Gabriel Gomez
Produced by Julien Melendez at Crooked Letter Films
2nd Camera by Pete Gillen
Title Design by Elena Scott

© 2014 Ensemble / +1 Records

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