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(7/13/14) Monty's Catch of the Day - Lia Ices

Lia Ices is a relatively new to the music scene, and has released two albums since 2008. On September 8th, the New York based musician will release her third LP that will simply be called Ices. She caught the attention of critics and fans alike by having her older song "Love is Won" in an episode of HBO's hit show Girls, and by recording a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here," for Mojo magazine's Pink Floyd issue. Not only does she work with her brother Eliot, but has also collaborated with Bon Iver and more recently with Clams Casino. Today's catch is the first single off the upcoming album Ices, and is called "Thousand Words". The track beautifully combines elements of pop, electronic, and folk. You can listen to "Thousand Words" in the lyric video below, which shows some of the amazing artwork from the album - very impressive for a lyric video. I'm sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from Lia Ices in the future. Good things!


Lia Ices, 'Ices' out September 16th on Jagjaguwar
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Directed by Dougal Henken

Art Direction by Hugo Barros

Typography by Barry Kessel

Produced by PublicNotice Design

Lia Ices
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Lia Ices - "Thousand Eyes" from 'Ices' out September 16th on Jagjaguwar

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