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You Can't Do Dat - Episodes 3 and 4


It's been a while - way too long, if you're me and you play every week - but I finally made Jason, Deb, and Nick sit down and play Dungeons & Dragons again.  

The last time we played, everyone got drunk and had pizza.  Was this time any different?

Well, we didn't have pizza.



If you haven't yet, go back and check out the first two episodes, where we meet Tsipporah Bluepaw (the half-elf druid), Lovejay Piececod (the dwarven bard), and Brick (the half-orc "boarbarian").  They're traveling to the city of Ynish when they're confronted with two difficult foes:  goblins and manure.

In these new episodes, we promise an actual dungeon crawl and more fecophilia.  (Don't google that.)


Oh, and have you wondered where the title of the podcast comes from?  Here's this NSFW clip from the sketch comedy show Man Stroke Woman to explain:



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