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You Can't Do Dat - Episode 1 and 2


We finally all sat down and played Dungeons & Dragons together.  Now, we started an hour late and ended an hour early, but - y'know - baby steps.

You can check out the full podcast here where Jason, Deb, and Nick all find out what characters I had created for them* and even got through their first battle / encounter.

I don't want to spoil too much, but I at least had a good time.  There was Bud Light and Deep Eddy to keep everybody else happy, and even Deb's dog Blue got a kick out of the pizza that Jason ordered.  All-around, it was a win.

Check out the pictures below, and if you liked the podcast, hated it, or were totally indifferent, tweet your comments to @ThatAlexD.


*If you think the characters somehow resemble any members of this radio show, I will neither confirm nor deny anything.


UPDATE: We've now posted Episode Two.

DOUBLE UPDATE: We've now posted Episodes Three and Four.



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