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Alex Throws Out The First Pitch


I guess I'm growing up, you guys.  

For 101X Night at the Round Rock Express, they wanted someone from the station to throw out the "first pitch."  That's in quotation marks, because there are usually three or four people doing it per game.

I volunteered, despite my notorious lack of athletic ability, and took my grandparents for some moral support.

The first lady to pitch not only holds a baby in her left arm, but she NAILS it.

The next guy does okay - he bounces it, but nothing catastrophic.  

Then it's my turn...


I gotta say, as a totally impartial witness to my own throw, I was amazing.  Not amazing for, say, a real baseball player.  But I finished the night with a better record than Yu Darvish, who was guest pitching for the Express.



Alex Throws Out The First Pitch

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