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Takeaways From Dave Grohl's Rolling Stone Cover Story

Photo: Getty Images / Pedro Gomes (with edits)

Well look who it is on the cover of Rolling Stone: Dave Grohl! The Foo Fighter frontman gave the mag a peek into his personal life and talked about the new LP, Concrete and Gold. Also, a few big names (like Paul McCartney) chimed in to talk about Grohl, but more on that later.

In the interview, we learn things we secretly wanted to know about Grohl: like that he lives in a sprawling Encino, CA house that used to belong to Clark Gable and he drives a $140,000 Tesla with Sonic Youth blasting in the car. We learn that his 8-year-old daughter Harper (who you can see in their music video for "The Sky Is A Neighborhood") is learning the drums and is into Imagine Dragons right now.

Another takeaway? Grohl reveals that he didn't see himself still playing in a band past the age of 33.  "I never thought I'd end up at a rock festival with fuckin' gray hair in my beard, but it happened. And I'm cool with it."

Regarding the new LP, it sounds like it's definitely going to be a little different from past records. Fellow Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins said, "I think it's our most psychedelic record, and our weirdest." Grohl "let go" of the reins a little bit and enlisted Greg Kurstin to help produce the record. Oh and Justin Timberlake added a few "la la la's" to one track and Paul McCartney played the drums on another. So yeah, we'd say that's different!

Paul McCartney said, "He's always high-energy. I mean, I'm an enthusiastic person, and I think he's possibly doubled."

But perhaps our favorite observation about Grohl comes from writer Josh Eells. "Grohl is to rock what Tom Hanks is to Hollywood: the head cheerleader, the de facto mayor, and the guy everyone wants to hang with."

Want to read more? Click here to read the whole thing.

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