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Stream Interpol's Upcoming Album Now


Interpol's new album El Pintor doesn't come out until Sept. 8, but you can stream it now courtesy of NPR.


This album will be a tad different than past releases from Interpol, although you may not be able to hear it. Bassist Carlos Dengler has departed the band and singer Paul Banks has taken over the bass duties. However, you can hear guest and Rob Moose from Bon Iver, Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines, and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. on El Pintor.


Listen here and discover it for yourself:


Track Listing:

1. "All the Rage Back Home"
2. "My Desire"
3. "Anywhere"
4. "Same Town, New Story"
5. "My Blue Supreme"
6. "Everything Is Wrong"
7. "Breaker 1"
8. "Ancient Ways"
9. "Tidal Wave"
10. "Twice as Hard"
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11. "The Depths"


FUN FACT: "El pintor" is Spanish for "the painter" and is also an anagram of Interpol.


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