New Music from Okkervil River
Posted 6/17/2013 4:10:00 PM

Climb up The Silver Gymnasium, due out September 3 on ATO, with the first song out on the album announced today via the band's Twitter. "It Was My Season" is the first track off The Silver Gymnasium and presumably sets the tone of indie Americana Okkervil fans will expect from their seventh album.

The lyric video is charmingly nostalgic even without the explanation provided by Sheff on the band's website. A shot opens with a blank auditorium and a woman making her way down the steps but the entirety of the video focuses on a rich landscape enlightened then darkened. Okkervil's singer/songwriter Sheff will tell you that the lady is Plainfield librarian Nancy Norwalk and the landscape is a stage set for a 1919 play created by painter Maxfield Parrish. Norwalk demonstrates the stage-lighting system while Sheff films and the strong piano plays recreating the rising and setting of the sun.

Maybe the Austin band will bring the set along as a backdrop for their performance at ACL this October.

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