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Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

photo via YouTube / Tide


Sure, it feels a little bit like we're circling the toilet bowl of capitalism by celebrating products intended to sell us other products, but you know you love it, and we do, too.

First off, the Tide ads with David Harbour (from Stranger Things, etc.) were everywhere. So much so that they started out like other ads, then flipped on you in the middle.


Jason's favorite was the Dirty Dancing tribute from the NFL... about the NFL... during an NFL broadcast.


And if you're a fan of Game Of Thrones or rap or just lip sync battles, the Doritos / Mtn Dew (is that really how they're just going to be spelling it forever now?) ads were pretty good.


We've been faked out for weeks by this fake trailer for a Crocodile Dundee sequel, which was actually just an ad for Australia.


Then there was the one where Danny Devito was an M&M and told everybody to eat him.


The savvy 101X listener will recognize the lullaby-ified song from T-Mobile.

(It's "All Apologies" by Nirvana, if you didn't figure it out. There you go.)


And remember that weird thing where Skittles showed their ad to exactly one person? You can see his reaction here at around 6:30, and he starts describing it around 12. Y'know, in case you don't want to watch the whole video.

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