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Purple Rita Emergency

photo by Alex D.



While Deb was at the checkout line, a “limited edition” item caught her eye:  white chocolate Twix.  We all ate a little bit on-air, and the verdict was… “meh.”  It doesn’t taste exactly right.  Maybe if they replaced the caramel with minty something?  Or you should just dip it in eggnog with extra rum.  Or just rum.



Wednesdays Jason calls out That Guy – the guy (or girl) who does something that annoys him.  This week it’s RSVPs With A Plus One But Shows Up Solo Guy.  It’s been haunting him, because he doesn’t have anyone to come with him to Alex SOAP Man’s wedding this weekend.  Guess he’ll just have to eat an extra portion to make up for it.  We know he’s gonna be drinking for two.


When you have a situation where you don’t know if you’re the a-hole or not, put it out to the world and let them decide.  Jason was at Baby A’s for an emergency Purple Rita, and some cute girls asked him to help them parallel park.  He said, “I’m bad at it,” and went inside. 

We don’t even need to debate whether that was a dick move or not, do we?



Around 9 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.”  Today she called Vermont Sport and Fitness, where she asked about classes and amenities.  She got really excited about the wet sauna they have, but not excited about the “You, too,” she got at the end.



We quiz Deb on the game of football, then laugh when she doesn’t know the answers.  Today she had to answer questions about football brothers.  But who could blame her for not knowing about J.J. Watt’s other other brother?  Is he J.J. Watt?  No?  Then don’t care.



Some studies recently suggest that listening to Christmas music too early – especially if you work retail and have to hear it all day – is damaging for your mental health.  So cut it out, malls!



One of the Ball brothers got busted in China for stealing.  What, he doesn’t have shoe money?



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