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Everything You Need to Know about Our Final Broadcast at Fado and How to Get Jason and Deb to Pick Up Your Tab That Day!

photo by Alex D.

Why stay at home for St.Patrick's Day when you party with us at Fado Irish Pub? Come early for Kegs & Eggs, featuring a live broadcast with Jason and Deb from 8 AM - 12 PM and stay afterward for music on the outside stage.

This year comes with a little bit of sadness since it will be the last at Fado Warehouse District location - after 20 years in business! Here’s the good news: they plan on going out with a bang!

Whatever your memory is at this place, take Saturday, March 17, as the opportunity to pay the bar one last visit as they close down 4th Street one final time.

And, yes.  There are plans in the works for a brand new Fadó in Austin.

Tickets are $15 at the door on March 17 beginning at 10 a.m.



Band Line Up
On the Patio
10:00 AM Daithi Arwine    
12:00 PM Sean Orr & Celtic Texas    
3:00 PM    Silver Thistle    
5:00 PM    Hair of The Dog    
8:00 PM    Patrick Fleming and The Name of Love    
11:00 PM Chandler and the Bings    

On the Street
12:00 PM Hair of The Dog    
2:00 PM Sean Orr & Celtic Texas    
4:00 PM    The Juke Box Heroes    
6:00 PM    Silver Thistle    
8:00 PM    Chandler and the Bings    
11:00 PM Patrick Fleming and The Name of Love

This is a Jason and Deb Contest

Since this is their last year at Fado Irish Pub, Jason and Deb want to pick up your tab while you're at the live broadcast. Don't go crazy and think you'll be able to make it rain shots, this is just $50.   For the chance to win, follow us on our new Instagram account @JasonandDeb. That's it. Bonus points if you share your best story from St.Patrick's Day with us on Instagram using #JasonandDebFado. It can be one from a broadcast with Jason and Deb or just one from your past. Use a photo and tell us in your caption or with a screenshot from your notepad. Whatever way you choose is fine! We'll pick a winner and announce on our Instastory on Friday after the show at 10 AM.

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