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Thinking Positive
Posted 6/11/2013 10:23:00 AM
Dear Diary
I’ve found that recently I’ve become really judgmental. I mean more than the usual “I’m on the radio and it’s my job to talk smack about people” judgmental behavior.  This job has begun to sneak into my everyday real life and it has to stop. We are terrible people here in this room and it’s almost a daily competition who can say the worst, most shockingly heinous comment. I suppose that’s all good and well when it’s in here, confined to this soundproof studio where no one can hear how gross we are, but when I start doing it outside of work, in my head, it has to stop. So last night over dinner with my friends, we all decided to say one nice thing about everyone we encounter. For example “she has nice hair” or “I like his t-shirt”. If nothing nice comes to mind, I will have a couple of stock thoughts that could apply to anyone. Like “I’m sure she enjoys watching dogs play” or “I’m sure they are very good at oral sex”. You know, just generally positive things. Give it a go! It couldn’t hurt J
Posted By: Deb  
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