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Grown-Up Sleepover
Posted 5/28/2013 9:05:00 AM

Dear Diary

How was your memorial day weekend? I had an awesome one, and hope you did too! I didn't really do much, the rain kind of kept it a low key weekend for me, but I did spend some great, quality time with several friends. I had different lunch, dinner, movies, coffee and happy hour dates everyday! But maybe my most favourite part of the weekend was on Sunday night. I went over to my friend's house for dinner and stayed the night. Yep, it was as simple as that - a sleepover! When was the last time you had an adult, platonic sleepover? It must have been years for me. But it was awesome! I took my dog Blue with me and even he had a great time because my friend has a dog and they love each other! We cooked dinner, walked the dogs, looked at her vacation pictures and watched a movie in our robes! Awesome! Then in the morning we got up had coffee, made a fruit salad, walked the dogs and generally relaxed. All awesome! I'm telling you, a planned, platonic, non alcohol induced sleepover should be in your future soon! 

Posted By: Deb  
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