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I'm All Fixed (Kind Of)
Posted 4/23/2013 10:42:00 AM

Dear Diary

I thought I’d give you a little back issue update. If you remember, last week I was heading to the doctors for an MRI. I had semi decided not to go as I was starting to feel better, but you guys all yelled at me that I needed to go anyway. Considering I had initially hurt my back on the 6th March, I thought I may as well go and get it done. I was also nervous that my insurance wouldn’t cover it. More so if I really was feeling better and didn’t need to get one done! Anyway, MRIs are funny. If you’ve never had one, let me tell you, they are noisy! I knew this going in so I was prepared to just lay there with all the noise going on, but to my surprise, I fell asleep! What a delightful nap. Except that, embarrassingly, I did that weird jump right as I was passing out and the MRI peoples had to do the whole thing again. Oops! But to be honest, that was the worst thing about the whole ordeal. I got a call from my spinal doc the next day who said I was all clear! It was just a dumb disc tear that’s on the mend. Let’s just hope I don’t get a giant MRI bill…
Posted By: Deb  
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