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MRI Worries
Posted 4/16/2013 10:59:00 AM

Dear Diary   

And now, for the latest installment in Deb’s Back is all Messed Up. I found out that I’ve got a ‘suspected’ torn disc a couple of weeks ago. Today I’m supposed to go for an MRI, which if you aren’t familiar with stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I’ve got to lay, completely still, in a big giant tube that makes a lot of noises while it takes pretty pictures of my insides. My Doctor wants to see my insides in this very special way as I’ve still got a significant amount of pain. I guess the xrays he took don’t specifically tell him that my disc is torn, but the pain I’m experiencing and the area that it’s coming from tells him that. But this MRI will allegedly be conclusive. Here’s the thing: I might not even go. I swear my back feels a bit better, and who the hell wants to sit in that machine all day? Also, I may have to pay $700 for the goddam thing! Not sure what to do…

Posted By: Deb  
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