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Air-Conditioned Bed
Posted 4/2/2013 8:23:00 AM

Dear Diary

I had the worst night’s sleep last night and it was awful as I had planned on a relaxing early night all day long. The plan was going well. I was all cosy in bed, nice and early. I’d had a warm bath and hot cup of chamomile tea and. I was even feeling all sleepy so I was expecting to just drift off into oblivion. But no. Dammit for some reason I just laid there. And laid there sweating as well  I might add. Since I hurt my back last month I’ve been using a heating pad for pain relief but last night, my AC had got switched off so the house was trying to cool down, and I was laying on a hot pad. When it came to sleep time, I was too hot! I tried to kick my feet out of the covers and even switched sides of the bed, but no. Nothing worked. And my dumb pets all decided to sleep on top of me as well. They didn’t help. What I really want, and I don’t know if it exists, is an air conditioned bed. How great would that feel???
Posted By: Deb  
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