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I Want Food!
Posted 1/22/2013 9:41:00 AM

Dear Diary      

While many people this January have made new years resolutions to eat better and drink less alcohol, I seem to have gone the other way. It's only the 22nd of January and I feel fatter than I did before Christmas. WTF? I think there has just been a lot of parties and get togethers that have made it difficult for me to watch what I put in my body. Including this past weekend as I went down to San Antonio for the Spurs game. Did you know they sell these giant tri colored frozen margaritas that come in fun yard glasses? And did you know that they have really good Mexican food in San Antonio? Well enough's enough. On Sunday I decided that I needed to have a reset for my poor abused body. I picked up a two day supply of Clean Start, the fresh, cold pressed juice programme from Snap Kitchen. A friend of mine did 6 days of it after Christmas and loved it. I only have time for two days as I'm about to ruin it all on a snowboarding trip where I'm sure I'll eat and drink a ton. But for now, I'm all good. I drink 6 cold pressed juices a day, as much water as I like but no food. I'm on 7 out of 12 right and I'm so surprised that I haven't really been hungry. As someone who eats like a pig, and is hungry every 2 hours this blows my mind. So, if you think you can handle no food for a few days and want to re set your gross body, check it out!

Posted By: Deb  
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