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That Burger Cost HOW Much?!

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Okay, maybe it didn’t cost that much, but Deb did find a way to outdo her infamous $12 Thundercloud sub:  she got a $17.50 burger.  Well, not a burger exactly, because she’s vegetarian, but HopDoddy’s “Impossiburger” with the Ahi Tuna trimmings is such a good veggie burger that she’s had it three times in two weeks.  Now she understands why people get fat!


For a while now Jason’s been in denial about needing a new roommate, since his life partner Jeff left him.  But now that he’s open to a replacement, a listener has asked if he can live with Jason.  The good thing is Jason doesn’t get annoyed by much.  But can he afford one of the listeners seeing behind the Dickhouse curtain?



Tuesdays we take a peek into Deb’s Diary, where she tells us what it’s like to be a hot, British chick living in Austin.  She’s pretty miffed this week about the bug in the latest iPhone update that’s turning everybody’s I into A?.  Why?!  Is this just so the computers can invent some new language?

This shirt is the Apple of my eye.

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Every day Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.”  Today she called Australian Bakery in Cumming, Georgia.  She was looking for some… cupcakes… but the lady doesn’t get in till 11.  That’s no problem, since Deb can chow down on some meat pies there.  She can’t get a bite of an I Love You today, at least, though.



We quiz Deb on the game of football, then laugh when she doesn’t know the answers.  Today she had questions about people who had beefs with Cowboys just to irritate Jason, and Deb was able to reason out that people would have problems with Michael Irvin, because he’s a “terrible criminal.”  Which, fair enough.  He did stab a teammate with a pair of scissors. 



The Lansing PD has promised to spoil Stranger Things for anybody who gets busted this week.  So mind your Ps & Qs.



Deion Sanders is mad that Tony Romo insulted his tackling abilities, and he came back hard.  This hurts Jason’s heart.




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